Winners of Our 2021 BlackinEnto Student Prize

Thanks to our sponsors at BASF, Corteva, the Entomological Society of Canada, and the Entomological Society of America, our donors and other supporters, we are pleased to present 5 inspiring students the BlackInEnto week student prize! Our greatest congratulations to Kyla O'Hearn, Diana Omoke, Suleiman Mustapha, Seun Olaitan Oladipupo, and JEGEDE Oluwasegun John.

Our Vision

By uplifting our community and developing funding opportunities for bright, qualified candidates we hope to enable Black scholars to access the field of entomology. Diversity is not just about increasing the number of people of color at an institution, it is about providing adequate resources, mentorship, and access for those researchers in order that they should thrive. Like the study of insects, we need to take a step back and look at the entire system, and ensure the solutions we introduce are meaningful.

Past Awards and Prizes


Art and Entomology Prize

Engagement with the 2021 Art and Entomology Panel and subsequent activities. Winners: Sallqa-Tuwu Stephanita BondocGawa Mafla, Anna Nielson, and Kelsey King


Trivia Champions!

The winners of this year's trivia night are members of the Team Lord Howe's Stick Insects, Constance Darrisaw, Will Kuhn, Ahn Feldman, and Ebony Taylor. An extra special participation prize goes to Amelie Ware for being the light of Team Lampyridae!